We’ve learned quite a bit from this past year — and we’ve all experienced, first-hand, a mere fraction of the isolation that millions of older adults have been facing for years. We also gained a much deeper understanding as to some of the biggest pain points and challenges that older adults and their families must grapple with on a regular basis. 

All in all, we realized that ElliQ had the potential to help with so much more — to not just include continuous companionship and social support, but also to support them in reaching their health and wellness goals, and assisting them with all their other day-to-day needs at home.

By empowering older adults with increased independence, ElliQ can help them lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Without further ado, we are thrilled to introduce our newly- launched care program

What is the ElliQ Care Program?

Image credit: Todd Johnson, San Francisco Business Times

The Elliq care program is a new initiative we have launched (in the United States only) to assist older adults with their full scope of daily needs at home.

As part of this program, participants will receive an ElliQ, access to a real-life wellness coach, and concierge services for all their day-to-day needs at home. They’ll enjoy access to support, guidance, and assistance from all of these resources — helping them stay independent, while their family and/or caregivers’ load of responsibility and worry is lightened significantly.

This program is ongoing — participants can continue to enjoy ElliQ’s company for as long as they’d like.


What can ElliQ do?

ElliQ is a personal care companion, designed to help older adults live better and healthier at home.

ElliQ is always there, in their corner, and throughout the day, ElliQ will proactively engage and guide them through a variety of activities, including:

  • Conversation
  • Music streaming
  • Mindfulness and mood improvement exercises
  • Health measurement tracking (i.e. weight, blood pressure)
  • Physical exercise
  • Cognitive games
  • Interesting facts
  • News, sports, and weather updates

Over time, based on each participant’s unique feedback and preferences, ElliQ will begin to evolve to offer new features, and to further customize their experience accordingly.


What will the wellness coach do?

As noted above, participants will also have access to a real-life wellness coach. Their wellness coach will serve as an additional source of support in helping them lead a healthier lifestyle at home. They will conduct weekly health check-ins to see how they’re doing, track their overall health patterns, and get a better understanding around their general well-being.

Based on these check-ins, they will follow up with health tips, bring any deviations from their health patterns to their attention (as they may arise), and suggest that they speak to their doctor if needed.


What concierge services are available?

Last, but not least, Care program participants will also have continuous access to a concierge team — members of our team who are at their disposal to assist with all their day-to-day needs. They can help set up and arrange for all of the following to come to their home:

  • Cleaning
  • Transportation 
  • Grocery delivery 
  • Home assistance around the house 
  • Beauty, hair, manicures

Through the combination of ElliQ, the wellness coach, and concierge team, the participant will have all the support they need to stay independent and thriving at home. At the same time, this lightens the heavy load from their busy caregiver or family member — who can rest easy from afar, knowing that they’re in good hands, and they have all the support they need.