Whether you’re a first-time parent or you’re welcoming another baby into your family, a baby monitor can offer peace of mind. The best baby monitors are easy to set up and use, and they stay reliably connected. They also offer clear picture quality and sound, have batteries that will last through the night, and are sturdy enough to make it through toddlerhood. The Dual Model baby monitor meet these criteria better than any other monitors we’ve tested.

The star feature of the Dual model baby monitor  is its 720p camera, which can be panned from side to side and tilted up and down remotely using the monitor’s controls—so you don’t need to tiptoe into the baby’s room to make camera adjustments. The monitor’s screen is big enough to see comfortably and has easy-to-use controls for adjusting temperature and sound alerts. And it recharges using a standard micro-USB plug. The Dual model baby monitor has all the same features as the single model , but it adds a bigger, longer-lasting battery (which makes the unit bulkier).

Overall, we prefer baby monitors that rely on the local feed and also can monitor my baby when i in office or some where,so i can see my little one by phone when i am away from home , this is bring me peaceful of mind , also this baby monitor using Tuya server , so you don't need concern about the security and compatible issue .